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Nuclear Material Performance

Assessing and improving nuclear material performance is a crucial subject for the sustainability of the nuclear energy and radioactive isotope supplies. This book aims to present research efforts used to identify nuclear materials performances in different areas. The contributions of esteemed international experts have covered important research aspects in fission and fusion technologies and naturally occurring radioactive materials management. The authors introduced current and anticipated trends toward better performances and mitigating challenges for commercial application of innovative technologies, biological remediation of mine effluents, nuclear fuel performance in power and research fission reactors, gamma ray spectrometer calibration, and recent advances in understanding the performance of tungsten composite in fusion reactor environment.

Chapter 1 Introductory Chapter: Introduction to Current Trends in Nuclear material Research and Technology by Rehab O. Abdel Rahman

Chapter 2 Developing Tailor-Made Microbial Consortium for Effluent Remediation by Shaon Ray Chaudhuri, Indranil Mukherjee, Debabrata Datta, Chaitali Chanda, Ganesh Prasath Krishnan, Swati Bhatt, Paulami Datta, Shashi Bhushan, Sourav Ghosh, Pinaki Bhattacharya, Ashoke Ranjan Thakur, Debanik Roy and Parthasarathi Barat

Chapter 3 Monte Carlo Simulations of Nuclear Fuel Burnup by Raghava R. Kommalapati, Fiifi Asah-Opoku, Hongbo Du and Ziaul Huque

Chapter 4 Oxidation, Embrittlement, and Growth of TREAT Zircaloy-3 Cladding by Charles W. Solbrig, Anthony LaPorta, Katelyn M. Wachs and James R. Parry

Chapter 5 Gamma Uranium Molybdenum Alloy: Its Hydride and Performance by Enrique E. Pasqualini

Chapter 6 Dedicated Monte Carlo Procedures Applied in Gamma-ray Spectrometry Used in Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities by Daniela Gurau

Chapter 7 Tungsten-Based Composites for Nuclear Fusion Applications by Owais A. Waseem and Ho Jin Ryu


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